Fork Chops Pair - Clever Utensils of the Future

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Fork Chops - A Single Pair - Clever Utensils of the Future

As seen on TV! Hot new dining trend.
Eat in Any Language!
Clever, award winning party gadgets for all ages.

  • Fork Chops - A Single Pair - Fun and Clever Chopstick Helpers
  • Utensils of the future - elegant and timeless merge of a Fork and Knife with a pair of chopsticks.
  • Pick a single pair or create a colorful set.
  • Fork, knife and chopsticks - all in one pair. Take the guesswork out, decorate and reduce number of dining utensils for your party table at once.
  • With these fine table "jewels," brighten up your setting by adding some fun, functionality, fashion, glamour and spice to any event.
  • Excellent and unusual solution for birthday parties, baby showers, exotic tropical weddings or engagement parties.
  • These ingenious, fun chopstick helpers will become handy in training kids on how to dine in Asian style.
  • Imagine how excited your child would be to have these adorable tools instead of a regular fork or traditional chopsticks!
  • Let me tell you, adults get just as enthusiastic if not more when they see and get to use these amazing Fork Chops! We all are kids inside when it comes to experimenting with new things.
  • These extremely unusual utensils are sure to become a hit of your party especially when they could be taken home as a lovely favor gift.
  • Fork Chops are affordable, trendy, stylish, food safe, durable, reusable, and dishwasher safe alternatives to your precious but heavy, boring and old-fashioned silverware pieces.
  • Specially finished chopstick ends hold your food tight preventing slips. Or, just flip your Fork Chops around for a conventional fork and knife combination (knife end is not sharp enough for some foods but still makes your life much easier).
  • Vivid and beautiful colors to compliment any dining setting:

  • For sparkly colors, a mesmerizing shimmer is contained inside each piece safely, so the Fork Chops remain smooth and well polished to the touch.
  • Extremely comfortable and smooth to touch. Shimmery colors are infused with thousands of mysterious diamond or gold reflections that look especially gorgeous in candle light.
  • Available colors:
    - Rainbow - clear with gold, silver, red, green and blue shimmer - the mood enhancer
    - Crystal - clear with silver shimmer
    - Kiwi - gorgeous juicy green (translucent)
    - Mustard - hot bright yellow, a happy color for a baby shower or picnic party
    - Eggplant - beautiful purple
    - Champagne - clear with gold shimmer from within and beautiful pearl finish
    - Honey Bee - clear with gold and black shimmer, excellent for romantic setting
    - Grape - breathtaking juicy purple (translucent)
    - Ketchup - perfect bright red. Spice up your dinner!
    - Bubble Gum - hot pink with a hint of trendy lavender
    - WaterMelon - delicious reddish pink (translucent).
  • Each pair consists of two separate pieces, one fork and one knife with chopstick end on each.
  • Each pair comes in black serving sleeve with Forkchops logo and sealed in clear plastic pouch.
  • If you get six Fork Chops or a Set of Six, you will also receive a beautiful carton box for storage and serving.
  • Ready for gift-giving.
  • Highty functional and collectible dining gadgets.
  • Invented by Italian-American designer Donald BonAsia.
  • Length: 10"
  • Width: approx. 1/4" in the middle of each Fork Chop
  • Material: Food-safe, durable polystyrene with the look of fine Lucite jewelery
  • Manufacturer: Ultimate Edge (Fork Chops)
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Item #: ch50201/50215
  • Regular Price: $9.00
  • Aloha Price: $5.00
With a gift of famous Fork Chops, send your warmth to friends and family around the world or bring the East closer to your own dining table.

Test of Time: These fun pieces are quite durable and last a long time in our experience. Think of how much wood and money you might be saving with ForkChops. They will prevent you from ingesting some chemicals that are used to make most wooden chopsticks light in color (aka bleached). Hand washing with antibacterial soap and with a soft sponge or cloth is recommended to keep your ForkChops always clean and perfectly polished.

We will gladly create a custom set with available colors for you - please make a note in Comments during checkout.

Note: Quantity overlaps with the Set of Six page. Comes with Hawaii post card and your gift message handwritten. If ordering six pairs, you will also receive an attractive logo gift box for storing your Fork Chops.

To create your own set of colors, pick a color and place it into your Shopping Cart by clicking an Order button below. Then click Continue Shopping to return to this page, select another color and place it into your Shopping Cart as well. Repeat as many times as you wish.

Order Processing Time: Ships in five to seven business days. Shipping method: Air (First Class or Priority Mail).

Fork Chops Pair - Clever Utensils of the Future
ch50201(Regular Price): $9.00Aloha Price: $5.00

Fork Chops Story:

As seen on TV in a colorful, hilarious episode taking place at homy Chinese food party in Friends! Featured in Elle, Los Angeles Times, 1000 Extraordinary Objects, etc.

Forkchops are the great way to bring fun and excitement to your dinner as well as make people of different backgrounds feel comfortable and welcomed at your hospitable table.

A hard-to-find and very popular item for contemporary couture restaurants and trendy households. Presence of Forkchops in your home will say a lot about your appreciation of global perspective visions.

Have fun mixing and matching various colors. Mix brights and shimmers for baby showers, birthday parties, tropical weddings and Christmas celebrations. Pink and purple (Bubblegum, Watermelon and Grape) will surely impress your friends at wedding showers or pajama parties. Red and yellow (Ketchup and Mustard) will add color and lots of fun to outdoor picnics. Use Eggplant and HoneyBee for serious "shirt and tie" events to bring some excitement and inspiration to your formal meetings.

Using chopsticks is an ultimate workout for approximately 30 joints and 50 muscles of your hand. Similarly, using the Fork Chops will help train all of those muscles we do not normally use and might even assist in discovering an inner piano or tennis player, composer or painter within you.

Manipulating chopstick ends of Fork Chops for the first time may seem uneasy, but what a better exercise of tranquillity and concentration could you find while enjoying eating? In addition, using chopstick ends of ForkChops will enhance any diet results by relieving stress and slowing you down to take lesser bites, induce more thorough chewing and enhance an entire tasting experience. To be beneficial for your body and spirit, eating should never be quick or in a hurry. You may find that feeling of being full comes much faster when using ForkChops. To further improve your dining atmosphere and envoke a relaxing conversation, set soft music at the background.

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