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Premium Golden Pineapple Chunks

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  • Premium Golden Pineapple Chunks
  • Flavorful, mouth-watering and sweet pieces of famous Golden Pineapples
  • Favorite island snack
  • Securely sealed in a plastic bag to preserve freshness and great taste
  • Net Weigh: 6 oz.
  • Ingredients: pineapple, sugar, sulfur dioxide
  • Distributed by Aloha Island Snax
  • Product of Thailand
  • Packed in Hawaii
  • Regular Price: $8.90
  • Aloha Price: $8.80
Note: Packaging for Golden Pineapple Chunks has been redesigned. Image above shows a different weight. You will receive a 6 oz. bag.

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Da local kine, unique "candy" inspired by a long-standing Asian tradition that became an inseparable part of Hawaii. These are the hidden, low calory Hawaiian jems that many locals enjoy for chewy snacks and dessert as a yummier and healthier alternative to your usual fried chips or candy bars. Experience a burst of flavor of different intensity.

Weight and manufacturer may vary. Comes with Hawai'i post card. Please enter a gift message in the Comments field during checkout.

Order Processing Time: Ships in about four weeks. Please note that most food items are on backorder at the moment.

Premium Golden Pineapple Chunks
g04202(Regular Price): $8.90Aloha Price: $8.80


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