100% Kona Coffee - Peaberry - Hualalai Estate

More 100% Kona Coffee.

100% Kona Coffee - Peaberry - by Hualalai Estate

  • 100% Kona Coffee - Peaberry - by Hualalai Estate.
  • "Grown on the fertile slopes of Kona's Hualalai Volcano."
  • Peaberry (or caracoli) is a very rare shape of coffee bean created naturally that results in a smooth, plump, pea-shaped bean with fuller edges as opposed to a flattened shape of a regular coffee bean.
  • Kona Peaberry coffee means gourmet perfection, premium consistency and superior taste due to a perfect roast of rounded beans.
  • 100% pesticide free.
  • Medium-dark roast.
  • Whole bean or grind.
  • Comes in convenient and sturdy gold-tone resealable bag to preserve freshness.
  • Net Weight: 7 oz. (198.5 g)
  • Product of Kona, Hawaii USA
  • Manufacturer: Hualalai Estate
  • Item #: C12353
  • Regular Price: $35.99
  • Aloha Price: $34.99
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100% Kona Coffee - Peaberry - Hualalai Estate
C12353(Regular Price): $35.99Aloha Price: $34.99

Ingredients:100% Kona-grown coffee.

To be named Kona coffee and obtain truly unforgettable flavor and aroma it became famous for, coffee beans (Coffea arabica) must be grown exclusively in Kona districts of the Big Island called Hawai`i. This makes pure Kona coffee treasured and much sought for. Coffee beans grown in any other district of Hawai`i cannot be considered Kona due to distinguishable climate conditions. Despite this internal classification, any kind of Hawaiian coffee is exceptionally unique and distinguishable as compared to all other coffees in the world.

Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee Story:

"Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry is considered one of the BEST coffees in the world - even rivaling famed Jamaican Blue Mountain for its smooth, full-bodied, distinct flavor.

Although it is found on the same coffee trees as all Kona coffee, peaberry makes up only 3-4% of the entire crop, which makes it extremely rare and sought after.

For the best results, use one level tablespoon of Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry for every six ounces of fresh water. Please refrigerate any unused coffee to guarantee maximum quality.

We are sure you will find this the BEST tasting Kona coffee you have ever had. Enjoy!" (Hualalai Estate)

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