Wicked Wahine Perfume - The Original Formula

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Wicked Wahine Perfume - The Original Formula

Aloha from Hawaii!

Simply irresistible and truly legendary, Wicked Wahine has been the very first fragrance ever manufactured in Hawai'i for sale. It has been taken home by nearly every visitor as something very special since those romantic days when only the boats connected distant continents with mysterious Hawaiian land.

This alluring, exotic scent remains as contemporary as an island flower lei mixed with a power of ancient chants and moonlight hula dancing. Some of our customers claim that the Wicked Wahine fragrance is miraculously saving families, returns loved ones and brings back most precious memories.
  • Wicked Wahine Perfume - The Original Formula - 3 fl. oz.
  • World-renown, unforgettable Hawaii's trademark fragrance is back!
  • Tender and feminine, yet wild and unpredictable
  • Uniquely classic and timeless as proven by many faithful Wicked Wahine fans for over forty years.
  • Precious and mysterious as island paradise itself, knowing no geographic boundaries, no language barriers, no age restrictions, Wicked Wahine continues winning the hearts.
  • Based on ancient secret blend of fragrant oils used for romantic tribal rituals by Kahuna (Hawaiian priest).
  • This unique island recipe utilized for improving love life and affection have survived through generations with an extraordinary mix of botanical ingredients that were known to enhance amount of natural pheromones emitted by female body and awaken desire in men.
  • Aura of feminine power and magic island spell enhances self-confidence and invokes unquestionable worship by men - time-tested!
  • Long-lasting perfume mist.
  • Fragrance Notes: also referred to as a "love potion," this sacred formula includes unprecedented floral blend of orange flower, island rose, pikake (Hawaiian jasmine), a bit of white musk, sandalwood and fascinating energy of graceful Aloha spirit.
  • Recommended for women.
  • Comes in a beautiful, rectangular spray bottle with gold-tone cap.
  • Packaged into artfully decorated, luxurious vintage box.
  • Net Weight: 3 fl. oz.
  • Manufacturer: Royal Hawaiian Perfumes
  • 100% genuine Royal Hawaiian fragrance
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Item #: p90503
  • Price: $29.00
  • Aloha Price: $27.90
"Alluring and unforgettable...A subtle hint of orange flower, romantic rose and exotic night-blooming jasmine blended with white musk and sandalwood... An enticing and alluring combination for the unforgettable woman. Timeless and inviting, like the moon over a white sandy beach, the original Wicked Wahine fragrance has captivated women around the world since 1968."

The new, artful design and generous quantity of 3 oz. make the extraordinary Wicked Wahine perfume even more desirable than ever before.

Take some wicked island magic home with you.

Also Available: Wicked Wahine Rose Perfume and Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfume. These new gorgeous scents (Rose is lighter while Hibiscus is more intense) are very different from Wicked Wahine Original but receive delightful customer reviews as well. We also offer a Set of Two Wicked Wahine Perfumes with free standard shipping in U.S. (item p90503-2s only).

Gift wrapped. Comes with Hawai'i post card. Please enter a gift message in the Comments field during checkout.

Order Processing Time: In-stock items ship in five-seven business day. Waitlist ships in three weeks (January update).

Wicked Wahine Perfume - The Original Formula
p90503(Regular Price): $29.00Aloha Price: $27.90

SD Alcohol 39C, Fragrance.

Wicked Wahine Notes

Wicked Wahine is excellent to wear at an important business meeting where you wish to stand out as a powerful, persuasive and charming woman who will drive the company to success. This amazing scent is also great for romantic evenings to attract that someone special and never let him go. Wicked Wahine fragrance will enhance your own aura of charm and confidence awakening an island Goddess within you.

An amazing energy contained in every bottle will help define your dreams, add strength, wisdom and courage for life-turning decisions where you would be capable of taking destiny into your own hands to shape it the way you want.

Wicked Wahine is like a burst of adrenalin to make your blood flow faster and your intuition sense events the way you have never experienced before. And the best part - his heart will start racing, too. Just because of you being near.

Trust an ageless Hawaiian fragrance secret and a wonderful ancient tradition that celebrates each woman as a queen, ingeniously capturing her sensuous power in a bottle.

Photos on the left by Svitlana C. and Willy C.

Click to enlargeCustomer Testimonials:

"Well, I do not know where to start eactly. My mother has been telling me about this perfume for years. I am 23. I will not give my mother's age, (she would kill me ;)lol!), but she wore it in the seventies. Ever since then, she has missed it so much. She has always said that it would be my kind of scent and that I had to try it for myself because she could not express how wonderful this perfume is! We just received it today. I absolutely love it! I now know what my mother meant by how it smells. She always described it as having a sweet and spicy scent. Of course, she checked to make sure it was the original scent because some perfumes that make a "come-back" do not always smell the same. She immediately put it on and said that all of the wonderful memories came flooding back. I was thrilled when I found it because my mother had been talking about it for so long and I was finally able to get it for her. Now I have found my favorite perfume! I will definately buy more! Thank you so much for bringing this wondeful perfume back!" S.

"I first purchased Wicked Wahine in 1972. Over the 35 years, I have enjoyed having a little of it to use. If I can receive more, I will be pleased. J."

"I'm looking forward to my two bottles of "Wicked Wahine." It's essential to my marriage! Mary"

"I [...] will be able to gather my precious wicked wahine [...] Mahalo nui to all of you too – Best regards from cold and icy Switzerland[,] Sonja"

"I wish to order more after I receive the first bottle. I think I have a bottle that has lasted 20 years or so!"

"I only wish I did not live so far away from Hawaii! My family visited Hana, Maui, in 1972 to celebrate my parents 25th anniversary and to bring us five children together before we went off in our directions, post college, post high school, etc. We had one month, with people coming and going, and we will never forget our time together and with the Hana people. My oldest brother died seven years later, so I cherish the memories of Hana.
My mother purchased the Wicked Wahine for me back in '72, and I continued to purchase it [...] for years. [...] In gratitude, Jean"

"I will be anxiously awaiting this beautiful Hawaiian Treasure! For awhile i thought that Hurricane INIKI was the reason for the shortage of flowers used to make Wicked Wahine as it is the GARDEN Isle. [...] So, again Thank You. Karen"

"I am excited to think that there is hope of having wicked wahine around again. [...] almost 40 years ago my husband wanted to buy me a perfume. I said that I wanted something as real and warm for women as Old Spice was for men and he found Wicked Wahine. We both loved it and I've worn it all these years. He was the pastor of one church for 38 years and we raised 7 wonderful children and now have 17 grandchildren.
He [...] recently had to be put in a care facility. But I'd like to be able to have him still smell Wicked Wahine when I go to visit him. Our son David has a movie that I'd like to recommend to you. It is Noelle. It is only showing at 60 theaters but if you are able please try to see it. Sincerely, Cathleen"

"I am looking forward to [receiving Wicked Wahine], and am wondering if you are going to make the Wicked Wahine Pearl Essence? It was incredible, because it lasted all day, and if one wanted to renew the scent--one just got ones arm or whereever the essence was, a little damp, and would smell it all over again! Thank you, Becky"
[Note: We are very sorry Becky, but the Pearl Essence is not coming back in the near future. Thank you, Aloha Team]

"Thanks again—I’m looking forward to receiving the order and was very excited to find that Wicked Wahine still exists! Best wishes, Kristy"

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